About Us

TNR Qatar was formed in 2014 by a group of volunteers who were determined to try and improve the lives of the cats living on the streets of Qatar by promoting TNR (Trap Neuter Return) and therefore preventing even more cats being born into such a harsh environment. 

TNRQ is a non-profit, non-government organisation that receives no government funding. We are in essence a small group of animal-loving volunteers trying to alleviate the suffering. We rely solely on private donations and fundraising plus our volunteers use a lot of their own resources to fund the operations, treat medical issues and to feed our TNR colonies. We are extremely under-resourced considering the enormity of the task.

The majority of our volunteers are expats coming from all over the world. Qatar is a very transient place with volunteers coming and going on a regular basis, thankfully to date we have been able to continue with our objective but it is never easy and we always worry about having enough volunteers.

Our day to day work is caring for our numerous TNR colonies around Qatar, we trap and spay/neuter all the cats in the colony, plus give food and water daily. In our work on the streets we sadly often come across cats needing medical assistance and unfortunately far too many abandoned pets who have no chance of surviving on the streets. These cases are hard to deal with, especially as there are so few good forever homes in Qatar.

Another very important aspect of what we do is educating the public about TNR, our social media pages and website give lots of useful advice, hopefully we will encourage more people to participate in TNR and help the cats who live on the streets in Qatar.

Every cat fixed is a step in the right direction!