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Government Vet Trapping Team

The government vet has a trapping team that you can request to come to your area to do TNR free of charge. However, if you live on a compound, the compound manager will have to fax them a letter requesting the service.
If the government team does come out for you, you will need to be there when they are trapping to show them the cats. It is also a good idea to have a way of keeping track of any cats they trap - make a note of the cat's description, or take a photo of each cat trapped, it is also advisable to have stickers to put on the traps with your name and the trapping location. Having your own drop cloths at the ready for the team to borrow is also helpful, since they may not have enough, also a small tip for the trappers is appreciated.
The team will set humane traps to catch the cats, transport them to the clinic for neutering/spaying the following day and return them to the same area for release.  The neutered cats will have their ears tipped so that they can be easily identified in the future.

Take the cats to them

Or it may be that you can take cats to the government vet for spay/neuter, and collect them again after their operation. Normally you have to drop the cats there at 7.00am and collect them again before 1pm. However, you will need to check with them to see whether they are currently offering this service and if you can get an appointment.



The Government Veterinary Services is in Al Rayyan near Wathnan mall. Go past Hyatt Plaza, turn right and they are behind a long row of shops. Type "Al Rayyan Veterinary center " in google maps.


Contact details

The government TNR team can be reached on the following numbers 44281611 or 44263629; it is often difficult to get through on their phone line, sometimes it is easier to go there and talk to them in person. Their hours are Sun-Thurs 7am until 1pm.

Waiting List

There is normally a very long waiting list for the government TNR trapping service as they are. You might have to contact them quite a few times to set it up.

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