Trapping Assistance

Please understand, this service has limited availability due to us all being volunteers and helping the cats whilst juggling work, family and managing our own colonies. We would need plenty of notice if you require assistance, we apologise in advance that it isn't always possible. 
We often get messages from the community requesting help to fix cats they are feeding, in a tricky situation or hurt.  Any of you wanting to help a community cat especially via TNR is offering tremendous support to the community and above all to the life quality of the cat.  This action means you are contributing to the only humane solution with the most effective result for a community with a large population of street cats.
23376195_1160479187419553_7345827795514556581_nAs much as we would love to operate as a TNRQ Squad, readily on hand to help you, we are a volunteer organisation.  This means numbers of available trappers and traps are often thin on the ground.  For the few of us who trap we do as much as we can as well as lead our working lives.  As and when we can, we will seek to help the community trap and in turn teach you how to trap so that the skill gets passed on.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds so we can only try to assist those of you who can pay a veterinary practice or use Government vet.  This also means that we often have a backlog so apart from offering guidance and advice there may be a waiting list so your co-operation and understanding is required.

We can help trap but you will have to commit to the following:
  • You will pick up the cats and return them to the exact location where they were trapped where we will assist with the release.
  • Arrange with the vet/ Gov vet the time, date, payment for the operation and overnight stay.
  • You will transport the cats to the vets; place plastic sheets and towels in your car so transport is ready.
  • They need to be fasting before surgery, so they will need to go to the vets the night before surgery unless you have a cool secure place to keep them (in their covered traps).
  • You will arrange payment.
Once we have confirmed we are able to help on an approximate date, the following is required:
Arrange an appointment with the vet.  Factoring in an overnight stay for recovery.  You must ensure you know the costs involved and let the practice know how many cats you intend to bring in.

For a successful trap please follow these simple rules:
  • If we are trapping in the morning, do not feed the night before and do not leave food out.
  • Only leave water.
  • If we are trapping in the evening, do not feed in the morning and do not leave food out.  Only leave water.

A hungry cat = a successful trap


Releasing the cats 

49237498_2153378668016072_3523945362706399232_n (1)Place large bowls of water and food and release.
Observe the cats in the coming days in the event there is any strange behaviour or open wounds.  If so call the vet for advice and we can help trap the cat again.
The cycle of suffering stopped by one simple act - always TNR.